Bus roof advertising

The true veteran in outdoor advertising A long-term roof ad significantly increases familiarity with your company. Roof advertising delivers a powerful, lasting presence throughout the city and surrounding region – it’s no surprise that it’s one of the oldest and most successful forms of public transport advertising. Complement your campaign with roof advertising on the […]

Bus rear

Optimal visibility Rear-facing advertisements on buses are perfect for short and long-term campaigns. The visibility is especially suitable for drivers as a target group. The new rear bus XXL format is very striking, since your campaign covers the entire back of the bus.  Contact us. We will be happy to help. Note: On request, we […]

Traffic Board

The popular large format for longer booking durations The traffic board is tailored exactly to the dimensions of articulated buses and is slightly smaller than the F24 large format. Due to the slightly higher production cost, it is mainly suitable for medium to long-term content, ideally in combination with roof advertising: a single message along […]

Full branding bus

The affordable tram alternative Full branding is one of the most attention-grabbing ad formats seen across Switzerland. For the utmost exclusivity, advertising booking is strictly limited to BVB & BLT articulated and normal buses. The demand for the relatively inexpensive alternative to tram advertising is growing. Take advantage of the opportunities for your brand and […]

Tram roof advertising

The classic outdoor advertisement There’s a good reason why roof advertising banners are among the oldest and most successful types of public transport advertising: Roof advertisements with your brand are like a company label that extends into the city center; they are seen by hundreds of thousands of passers-by on a daily basis, gradually burning […]

Rear advertising tram

A high profile on a small budget Rear advertising on the older generation of trams is a tried and tested, inexpensive medium. The positioning on the rear of the tram ensures a high level of recognition. It’s the optimum solution for a long-term increase in familiarity for small and medium-sized companies. Rear advertising on trams […]

Full branding tram

The premium class of outdoor advertising The full branding tram is one of the most striking ad formats seen across the country and is becoming increasingly popular. For maximum exclusivity, the bookable trams are highly limited. The modern low-floor trams in Basel offer attractive design options. Take advantage of these benefits for your brand and […]

F24 Plus (combo format)

The large format for campaigns combined with 35 m roof advertising F24 large formats are the perfect way to achieve optimal ad impact at high-traffic hubs and in Basel’s city center. In combination with a 35 meter-long roof banner ad, your ad message will be hard to miss. The roof ad banners are available in heights […]

F12 wide format bus & tram

The F12 wide format is now also available for the tram network Book a minimum of eight F12 posters for two or four weeks. F12 formats are distributed equally throughout the bus network, with each ad placed on the street-facing side of the vehicle. This way, you gain optimal visibility for everyone in transit. You […]

F200 Cityformat Bus

The standard poster format is always on the go Book a minimum of eight F200 posters for two or four weeks. F200 formats are distributed equally throughout the BVB & BLT bus network, with each ad placed on the door side of the vehicle to achieve optimal visibility for pedestrians in the direction of travel […]