Terms and conditions

1. Exclusions

BVB must be informed of the subject of the proposed advertising. Advertising of a political nature, for alcoholic drinks, tobacco or small loans, or other advertising that may cause offence in any way is excluded. In the interests of professional presentation, inappropriately prepared material will not be accepted or will be removed. BVB is not obliged to exclude competition.

2. Legal

regulations It is the obligation of the lessee to comply with any statutory regulations concerning content and presentation (Therapeutic Products Act, etc.). The lessee is fully liable for any consequences of non-compliance.

3. Positioning

BVB specifies the distribution and positioning of the advertisements. Posters with or without dispensers and window banners are distributed as uniformly as possible across the vehicles and lines. The use of vehicles carrying advertising on specific lines can not be guaranteed. Full branding will be considered according to operational constraints. In the case of building work or other alterations, display case contracts can be suspended immediately without obligation to provide compensation.

4. Substitutions

Substitutions can be made in agreement with BVB. The related costs are payable by the lessee.

5. Schedule alterations

Alterations to the schedule for operational or technical reasons do not entitle the lessee to compensation or to early termination of the contract.

6. Replacement material

For long-term or repeat advertising campaigns, replacement material must be provided by the lessee.

7. Damage

BVB is not liable for damage to advertising media or its removal by third parties. If replacement material is available, damaged advertising material will be replaced; otherwise, it will be removed by BVB. BVB is not liable for damage to or loss of exhibited material through third parties or force majeure. Repair costs for damage to display cases caused by theft or vandalism will be borne by BVB.

8. Advertising material after end of display period

After the display period has ended, the remaining advertising materials will be disposed of by BVB unless an alternative request is submitted within five working days of the end of the period.

9. Sub-letting or transfer

Sub-letting is permitted only with the express written permission of BVB. Transfer of the contract to a third party is also permitted only with the written approval of BVB.

10. Production and ancillary costs

The manufacturing costs for all advertising material and for the restoration of advertising space must be borne in full by the lessee. Any import costs and all other costs accruing to BVB through the production of advertising material abroad will be charged to the lessee in addition to a processing fee of CHF 100.

11. Payment methods

The rent plus ancillary costs is invoiced in the first month of the advertising period and must be paid within 30 days. In the case of delayed payment or non-payment, BVB reserves the right to take over the advertising space without issuance of a reminder. This does not discharge the lessee from its contractual obligation. Missed or delayed advertising material deliveries do not discharge the lessee from its obligation to pay in full.

12. Booking commission

Advertising agencies receive a 5% booking commission on bookings for posters with or without dispensers and for window banners. The commission is taken directly from the price. No commission is granted on the refilling of dispensers or on a change of subject. The commission is granted only if the price has not been reduced through other discounts. No right to separate payment of commission exists. No commission is granted for any other advertising media.

13. Tariff changes

Without prior announcement of a price increase, for open-ended contracts the rent is based on the BVB tariff valid at the time of the contract. Any increase in the rental price is announced at least three months in advance.

14. VAT

VAT is invoiced additionally at the applicable tax rate.

15. Cancellation conditions, termination and renewal

The cancellation of a contract must be made in writing to BVB and incurs the following costs: 15 or more weeks before the start of the contract – no cost 14 – 9 weeks before the start of the contract – 10% of the invoice amount 8 – 7 weeks before the start of the contract – 50% of the invoice amount 6 weeks before the start of the contract – 100% of the invoice amount For open-ended annual contracts, the contract is renewed automatically for a further year if no written termination is received at least two months before the end of a contract year.

16. Performance and delivery conditions

Performance and delivery conditions can be found in the individual product sheets and constitute part of the contract. Missed or delayed deliveries, or deliveries in violation of the contract, do not discharge the lessee from its obligation to pay.

17. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Basel-Stadt. The general terms and conditions of BVB apply to all advertising activities on BVB transport.